Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So ......

Well, it looks like I was right after all, my blog was being read - but by someone from work. A someone who is in fact a colleague that I bitched and moaned about. And during a "challenging chat" two weeks ago when she accused me of divided loyalties and not sticking up for her* out it all came. And I hold my hands up - guilty as charged. Not of the divided loyalties BUT about venting about my job and the people I work with (BUT not the people I work for) on the Internet. So here's me private again. Not that I am about to vent because there's fiendishly clever people put there who can get past things like this - not that I think I work with anyone who'll manage that but all the same ;o)

In other news I have managed to get my laptop working online! Double whoop! In fact I think I shall probably be whooping about this for a while! Whoop! That'll teach me not to check the box in Internet Tools that says "never dial up a connection."
And with less than three weeks to go until France - there's another whoop for you!
*It should be noted that she hadn't "dressed herself in glory" as she'd been caught by the boss with a bucket of bleach and a just boiled kettle in a classroom of 5 year olds. Guess who's just been asked to take on whole school responsibilty for the devil that is "elfs and safefty" next year?


City Girl said...

I thought of you - and invoked your name to Hubster - the other night while (whilst) watching the Torchwood mini-series. Gwen had to go to London and called Rhys to say, "Oh my God, Severn Bridge. I'm going into England, farewell forever." He says "Good luck Have you got currency?" She replies, "Yes, and I've had my injections." LOL

Leilani said...

Privacy and protection are issues I've wrestled with while blogging. Your post reminded me of other people whose identities were discovered and whose blogging came back to haunt them.

Petite Anglaise for example - who was fired from her job. Dooced also.

It's just too much.

But then I've also known people in life and also through blogging who I shared things in confidence with, and they either shared my confidences or acted such that I didn't think I could trust them anymore.

And then what do you do?!

Hope the fuss settles down.

Anonymous said...


Just FYI

Fi said...

Ah, so that's why you've gone private. All the best blogs are doing it schweetie!

I'd love to have a giant rant about some of my work colleagues. Oh, and how I could rant! But I'll save it for the husband. He just nods in the right place.

Anonymous said...

oh sorry Jo. I sent you that link to the article. These are the types of legal issues we have to contend with :-)Leilani

Betty C. said...

Thanks for the invitation and I hope the problems work out. I'm taking a break from blogging as I spend the summer in the USA, but will be back in the fall.

Have a great time in France!

Pierce said...

Oh wow - I didn't realize you had posted! On my webpage it still shows your last update entitled SO and I didn't realize you were bvack on!!

Well, I am still working around the router issue and am sitting my happy ass at the local library.

I'll write you from work tomorrow!!