Tuesday, September 26, 2006

5 questions from yesterday

  1. Why am I always sitting on the floor cuddling a crying child playing with building bricks when the head brings an important visitor around?
  2. Who's idea was it to have a staff meeting on Monday nights?
  3. Why do I forget to book an eyebrow threading appointment each time I have my eyebrows done? I know it'll hurt if I leave it too long! Never mind the fact that I'll end up looking like Bert, or is it Ernie?
  4. What did I do with the cucmber for snack time?
  5. Was an instrument table the best idea this week?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #190

sunday mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Bell :: book and candle
Abuse ::
of position
Relief :: tooth ache
List :: shopping
Concern :: care and concern
Absolute ::
Absolute beginners, ooof, there's a blast from the past!
Cling :: sandwiches wrapped in clingfilm
Dump :: scavenge
Terminate ::
"This train will terminate at Blackheath" ... always scares me as I have a way to go after that!!
Wine ::
red, Isla Negra please!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yesterday, from my lap

At story time yesterday afternoon one of my 3 year olds crawled into my lap ... they do this a lot. You're a bit like an extension of their mother. Their property.

Me ~ B, I'm trying to read the story. Go and sit over there so you can see properly.

B ~ But I want to sit on your lap.

Me ~ Well, sit on Mrs H's lap instead then.

B ~ But yours is softer!

Out of the mouths of babes and infants eh!?!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Little snippets of stuff

I don't have enough, in my head for a post but I have little snippety bits and then I'm off to do my rounds!

So, the summer ... France was lovely but a little soggy. Just like the UK, the hot dry weather seemed to have been kept especially for term time ~ hot in July and September with plenty of rain throughout August. It's not that there was no sun ... rather that there was plenty of rain to keep the dust down! The rain did make for great canoeing though as there was more water in the Dordogne than I've seen for many a year! So here, to keep the readers happy a few canoeing photos!

La Dordogne



Simon and Steve had a lads day out ... they went to Andorra, just an excuse to drive fast through the mountains if you ask me. The weather and the scenery were stunning and it was very peaceful at the water park ... which is where we ended up!

In a complete change of subject school started for real last week. We've had a week of "come along, bring your child and have fun for an hour or so" but on Tuesday they came back for good! It's been fun but by golly it's hard work! They move fast the little ones but they're very sweet :o)

Had a very quiet weekend, shopping in Tesco* and lots of housework ... never thrilling! It was a bit of a downer after last weekend when I left work in a flurry on Friday evening and went to Brighton to stay with Kev. We stayed in and shared a bottle or two of Isla Negra on Friday night, then walked the Lanes in the sunshine and had a fabulous meal out with friends (Simon came too) on Saturday. I never get enough time to spend with him ~ my husband's unreasonable jealousy doesn't help this situation!

Anyway it's Monday, so I'd better shift my arse and get to work! Have a fab week everyone!

* Christmas selection boxes on the shelves ... in September! What are they like?

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Gosh, look how long it is since I last posted!

I am still here honest but there's nothing interesting happening 'cept school, oh and school! This will probably give me an ooomph though ... with any luck that is!