Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another 100 things about me! Shit this is hard A work in progress :o)

Katya and AEWIAML managed another 100 it's become a challenge of a sort!! I may be a while with this! Shit - it's Katya's 3rd 100 ..... I'm struggling on #12 of this [and am updating weeks later and now REALLY struggling at #25]!! Might have to print off the previous 100 so I don't repeat myself!!

  1. I have a double-jointed thumb!
  2. I like to crack my knuckles - other people don't like hate this!!
  3. My brother, dad and one of my nephews have webbed toes - taking after the Atlantean branch fin of the family.
  4. My brother and I, like my dad have an abnormally large skull - this ruined my "adoption" fantasies as a teenager!
  5. My favourite colour is lilac.
  6. I like myself in lilac, I look awful in anything yellow/orange/citrus!!
  7. I'm from Wales, but I've never been to North Wales.
  8. I have been as far north as Machynlleth (pron. Ma-ch-un-thl-eth ... ch in Welsh is not a like a choo-choo train but more of a "I have catarrh and need to clear my throat ch) and it rained!
  9. Oh hang on and we went to the village where they filmed the Prisoner - which is more like Italy than Wales but it rained there too!
  10. My favourite icecream flavour is chocolate, but it has to be good icecream - not the stuff that the supermarkets excpect us to give to kids!
  11. I had my first real boyfriend at 14/15.
  12. I was totally in love with him.
  13. I went to the cinema with him to watch Purple Rain.
  14. The cinema had double seats perfect for a cwtch (you'd have to be Welsh!) - fab!
  15. I still regret the end of the relationship!
  16. He was 6 months older than me and 12 months after we finished he had a son! With Lisa! I was still a virgin at that time!!!!! Said "baby" is 20 this year!! He is on Friends Reunited and says he is married to a woman 12 yrs older than him! (Not Lisa .... the mother of his son!)
  17. I am married to Simon - 12 yrs older than me. Bizarre!
  18. I have been to Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.
  19. I have no interest in South America - did you see Lenny Henry in the Amazon with the spiders?
  20. Actually that reminds me .... my favourite boardgame is Cluedo!
  21. I will go to Australasia one day, but probably NZ not Oz!
  22. I would like to live in South Africa!
  23. I have been to Zimbabwe, Zambia, SA, Namibia and Botswana in Southern Africa.
  24. I don't have a favourite out of the above!
  25. I entered Namibia illegally, at night, across country, on a "game drive" with lads we met at a bar in South Africa!! We we're moving north from Bokspits to Ghanzi via Kang and crossed over whilst following "pumbas" near Ghanzi ..... sand everywhere!
  26. I found out the hard way that Victoria Falls is it's very own wet t-shirt competition!!
  27. I have travelled 3rd class on Southern African railways and it is worse than it sounds!
  28. I have 9 "O" levels and just the one "A" level.
  29. I "discovered" men during upper 6th year in school! [Can you tell?]
  30. I own 4 original pieces of art - I didn't pay for any of them!
  31. I became a vegetarian after being parked next to a lorry full of calves on a cross channel ferry to France.
  32. I was a vegetarian for 5 years.
  33. I stopped being a vegetarian after a heavy night at the "Mayfair" in Swansea - we went home via "Steak by Night!"
  34. I don't read horoscopes.
  35. I listen to Xavier Mousepractice's horoscopes on TW's Radio 2 breakfast show religiously each week.
  36. I buy a lottery ticket each week.
  37. I am in a lottery syndicate in work.
  38. I use the same numbers on both tickets (5 8 14 18 30 43) - so if we win in work I'll get more than the others!
  39. I love spicy food.
  40. When we first met Simon and I played "chicken" with pickled chillies!
  41. I like my peanut butter crunchy.
  42. I like seedless jam (i.e. bramble jelly!)
  43. I like shredless marmalade.
  44. I collect choptsticks - I have 28 pairs. Including Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, wooden, porcelain, metal, enamel etc
  45. If I eat in an oriental restaurant I cannot bring myself to use a fork!
  46. I love to travel (flying, trains etc) alone. I find it very liberating and wonderful not to have the responsibility for someone else!
  47. My most often travelled plane route is London Stanstead to Rodez.
  48. Whilst living in France I worked in a tourist office. [I apologise for the dodgy tune - nothing to do with me!!]
  49. When people came in and asked did I speak English I would say [use heavy Allo Allo-esque French accent to read this] "Yes, I speek a leetle Eengleesh! 'Ow can I 'elp you? Ees there somethink you woould like to see nearrrrby?"
  50. I had to keep this up for 48 hours after meeting a lad from Burton-upon-Trent and agreeing to go out for a drink with him!!
  51. If I have a job to do and the deadline for return is 2 weeks Monday - don't expect to get things given to you until 2 weeks Monday!
  52. I will have been awake since 3am on that Monday to get the work to you!!
  53. As a child I had 50p pocket money a week from my Nana.

Do you get the idea I am struggling with this?

**STOP PRESS/INTERNET/WHOEVER** Katya's done another 100 and another - that's number 4 and 5 - my gast is officially flabbered! *wanders away whimpering whilst still singing "ice, ice baby"*


Walker said...

Your doin fine. Its a nice list so far and BTW i'm sitting here eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich so I may sound a little muffled.

Le laquet said...

Yum, have you tried philadelphia cream cheese and strawberry jam? Good too!

Katya said...

see that was a good list...i love crunchy peanut butter too...and lots of other things in common too many to mention...

can't wait for the next lot...i'm struggling with list 6, and i'm bothered about repeating myself...

i tagged you today btw...


recoveryroad said...

"I had to keep this up for 48 hours after meeting a lad from Burton-upon-Trent and agreeing to go out for a drink with him!!"

They speak English in Burton-upon-Trent?



Le laquet said...

Hey I'm from Wales - it's closer to English than I can manage Kenny!

Fi said...

Good work Jo and very interesting! It's not easy is it. I did one of these about two years ago and was completely exhausted, so I've never updated it.

Sara said...

Great list, I'll have to start my own! I'm very sad indeed to hear you have no interest in South America... I've been to Peru twice and it's a lovely country with wonderful people.

Le laquet said...

Fi - I don't even think I can finish this one!! Never mind an up date in the future!

Slinky - I don't have anything personal about South America .... it's the whole hairy spider thing! See this link -->
Thanks for stopping by!!

SteveBP said...

I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments about my post (Sex and Poison Ivy Don't Mix.) Based on your posts, you seem like a very intelligent, well-adjusted, well-travelled, Welsh's Grape Juice kind of character with excellent taste in blogs. As my aim is to make people laugh at me, it is comforting to find that I have struck a happy target. Thank you.

Janet said...

Oooh, I love Lenny Henry!

Jay said...

cheap ferries to france...