Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday .... and I'm melting!

I couldn't have posted today it's too bloody hot!! Don't get me wrong I love warm sunny weather but today was horrendous. My candles in the garden melted, I saw too much sunburn in the supermarket - caught out with no protection, there are people everywhere wearing clothes they so should not be wearing!

And tonight the BBC News / Weather reports - "temperatures in London today were the hottest since August 16th 2003!"

I remember that Summer - I spent nearly 6 weeks in France where my parents live. They live on a "causse" - a limestone ridge/plateau between the Lot and Dordogne valleys. Whilst I was there, we experienced Autumn in June/July/August - not because it was cold but because there was no rain for weeks! The leaves turned golden and dropped just like in Autumn.

As we usually do, Simon and I went out for lunch on my birthday (middle of August), we followed the river Lot from Cahors west and stopped for lunch at Villeneuve sur Lot. We sat beside the river to eat crêpes et drink cool Normandy cidre - it would have been idllyic excpet it was 48 °C degrees in the shade! The waitress gave us bottle after bottle of chilled water and as we drank it, it popped straight out of our skin again!

The whole of France/Europe was affected. Hundreds of old people died in Paris, and they had to use refrigeration lorries to store the bodies as the morgues were full! There were terrible forest fires through France, Spain and Italy. In the UK, August began cloudy with rain and drizzle, but by the 3rd, temperatures were on the rise bringing prolonged sunshine to most areas. Temperatures topped 30°C somewhere in the UK for 10 days in a row from the 4th. Brogdale, near Faversham, Kent reached 38.5°C (101.3°F) on the 10th - a new UK highest temperature record!

I think I'll go to Iceland this year just in case! :o)


Ms Mac said...

I remember that summer too, it was our first in Switzerland from Australia and I remember thinking, "How hard can it be to deal with the heat? The Aussies do it every year?"

I wasn't very sypathetic, was I?

FYI: the day we left Aust for Switzerland it was 47celsius in our suburb.

Fi said...

That is just too hot! I don't think I could cope.

When I lived in Aussie, I spent most of the summer ducking from one airconditioned shop to another.

The OH said it has suddenly gotten really hot the day they left - and had to come home to a damp, rainy, cold Auckland morning.

But I don't think he minded :)