Thursday, May 19, 2005


For all my life my name has been Joanne Collins ..... not "remarkable" ..... not "unusual" and yet not "amazingly different!" Since I was very little I've been Jo - to everyone, except my brother ("alright sis?"), my grandparents (Joan ..... and after all, it went so well with Colllins!) and my mother when I am in trouble ("Jo-anne!!")

Last Saturday I changed my name to Jo(anne) Langthorne - why did I?

Monday - Mrs Longthong, can you help me?
[Me - do you know what a thong is?
Child - no!
Me - they're like very small knickers!
A different child - oh yes, my mummy wears them on Friday nights.
Me - !!!!!!! Have you finished your maths??]

Tuesday - In the story there are red hawthorn berries, and thorn is in your name too!!

Yesterday - Good afternoon Mrs L........ Mrs what?

Today - Hello Mrs Lambone!!

I'm looking for a good "I don't want to get divorced, but I'd like to change my name again" lawyer! Know anyone?


Fi said...

"My mummy wears them on Friday nights" Classic!

My total, total sympathy, Jo. My maiden name was as simple as can be (think the colour opposite to black - hang on, is black a colour...?) and my OH has a very unusual sounding surname (from his Belgian grandfather) which is never, ever prononced properly, particularly down here in the uncultured Antipodes!

Ms Mac said...

Hey Mrs Longthong! In Australia a Thong is a flip flop!

Imagine keeping your thong for a Friday night! Hope you dug yours out for the birthday yesterday! ;-)

Walker said...

Why didn't you just keep your origional name? Just add the Mrs in front of it.
Gezzz my last name would make anyones head spin and does.
Got to love what kids come up with,"My mummy wears them on Friday nights" made me laugh.