Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Too close to Taunton by far!!

I don't know if you saw the UK news last week ... particularly those of you who live overseas but there there was a bit of a problem in Taunton!! I think I might emigrate but I just don't know where!! I might try a google search - "countries of the world that don't have big hairy poisonous spiders!"

p.s. I've just re-read the article and one particular sentence scares the holy shite out of me - "The spider was released into the grounds as it was believed to be a domestic species" a hospital spokesman reported - are the staff stupid? Since when do we have 5" domestic spiders in the UK? Note to self - don't go to Musgrove Park Hospital ...... the staff there are thick!!

p.p.s. And what was Matthew Stevens doing working as a chef anyway - doesn't he make enough money playing snooker?

p.p.s.s. On a techie note - can anyone tell me the html to strike through letters please? Thanks Fi!!


Fi said...

Oooh, it's just so very spidery round the internet these days!

and the HTML for strike through is just "strike"

Katya said...

thick is definately the word for it...ick


Ms Mac said...

I love the word thick! I have never heard of 5"domestic spiders. Someone's 'avin' a larf!

An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

errr the news article said it was thought to have died....THOUGHT!!! lets just hope the storyline of arachnaphobia doesnt swing into action!
I know i said i wasnt scared of spiders.. but i meant the non poisonous, non biting ones...
great post my swansea shoe lovin sister.. scary, but good ;)