Saturday, May 21, 2005


If you haven't seen it - you should! Fantastic, loved it! It's one I will watch again and again and again!! Will go down on my list whenever I am going to have girlie flick night! A real feel good film ..... and a British man wins the Wimbledon title - so it's a fantasy film too!!


And ..... whilst we're at it, I wouldn't kick Paul Bettany or Nikolaj Waldau or Sam Neill (ok, so you all don't get that one .... but my bell tinkles!!) out of bed for farting either!!


Katya said...

oooh what a coincidence, i got this thru the post yesterday...will watch it tomorrow and let you know if he does anything for


Ms Mac said...

I want to see it now! Will have to search the video shops.... after I finally pick one to join!

Fi said...

I liked it too! Paul Bettany was great but that Nikolau Waldau, mmm-mmmm!

mrsmogul said...

I have;t seen it but I am going to wimbledon for the semi-finals. might sell the extra ticket.

Lisa said...

I know who Sam Neill is! Did you know he's a kiwi? Bit of boring trivia for you. I've enjoyed reading your blog, I must say I've been here before so I guess that makes me part of the silent lurking crowd...does that make me sound mysterious? probably not. Anyway, I loved reading about your wedding, you looked amazing, loved the dress...gorgeous colours. (I know I'm getting out of sync with your posts, but doing a bit to catch up on my lack of commenting here lol).

Le laquet said...

katya - good, good film .... let me know if you enjoyed!

ms.mac - say the word and I will post you my copy to borrow!!

fi - yes, Nikolau Waldau .... hubba hubba! Could even persuade me to take up tennis!!

mrsmogul - oh, strawberry and cream for 2 please and simon says he'll have some too! Are you camping outside?

sara - I know, Sam Neill is one of the reasons I'd like to visit NZ, I love'd him in The Dish - another huge favourite. Thanks re my wedding outfit ... now if I can just get the red wine stain out!! And yes v mysterious .... but now I'll expect you to comment more often!!

Thanks guys
Jo xx