Saturday, May 07, 2005

1 week

It is Saturday ..... it's 11.30am ..... it's Crackerjack! [Listening intently for everyone to shout Crackerjack!]

Oh I wish it were that simple ... if it's Saturday 7th at 11.30 it must be exactly 1 week to go to the wedding!! 1 week, that's 168 hours or 10080 minutes!! And I think I have task to complete for each of those minutes! And am I excited? Not yet! Maybe a little bit!

Jobs to do

  1. Paint walls in living room - wild primrose
  2. Hang new blinds - actually its the working out how to hang the new blinds that is the problem!Thanks Steve and 'Mone!
  3. Finish grouting tiles in the kitchen.
  4. Tidy!!!!!!!!
  5. Finish putting in the flower bed border (try saying that quickly after 2 glasses of red!)
  6. Plant things in pots in garden!
  7. Cut the lawns (finally stopped chucking it down!)
  8. Did I mention I need to tidy?
  9. Cleaning company booked for Thursday - wahey!
  10. Manicure, pedicure .... can't think of anything alse ending with cure other than "Maple cure!" - Bacon sarnie anyone?
  11. Food shopping & preparation, chef arrives Thursday evening!
  12. Eyebrows - threading needed [monobrow attack imminent - à la Bert from Sesame Street]
  13. And ...... I'm sure that my mother will have another list for me when she arrives from France on Tuesday p.m.

Will cross things off as I do them - not looking promising right now!!


Katya said...

i wax my own - far cheaper...but its takes courage and counting to three many times before ripping off the threading painful...??

i'm so glad i have no lawn to mow, just tons of concrete and pots...

hope you get everything done...have a great weekend


Le laquet said...

Well, yes, threading does hurt - but if I had to inflict the pain myself .... it wouldn't happen! One of the girls I work with threads them for me - for free!! Mind you, I have to lie across three desks in year 5 to get them done and always look like I have been smacked with the long thin side of a cricket bat!! Like Adam Ant (circa 1982/3)- but a bit higher and in red!!

Katya said...

wow - i'd have left the grouting till - i hate that job...

i think i'll pass on the threading...


Ms Mac said...

After you get married is it not the husband's job to do all this DIY? Why not wait until mext Sunday?

I'm excited for you. Will you have a laptop at the top table for blogging purposes? I'm not sure I can wait for all the details!

Le laquet said...

Katya - Simon's sister came and finished the grouting, looks fab! I'd post a picture but the rest of the kitchen is such a bastard mess I daren't or other wise you'll all realise what a domestic slut I am!!!
Ms Mac - Wedding "do/party" at home ..... of course I'll be blogging it!! And trust me on Sunday he'll be up .... diy-ing it!! ;o)