Thursday, May 12, 2005

A busy week!

It's been a busy week with little/no time to blog!! Wanted to work here at lunchtime yesterday but the Internet is down at school - cheers BT! But I feel I have to share this little gem with you this morning!!

My mother has just told me that on her last visit to Swansea and on the advice/for a neighbour in France she visited her local Boots to purchase some eye cream! [The same neighbour also uses haemorrhoid cream on her eyes - lets not go there Mum!!] She sauntered in to their Llansamlet store, up to the counter and [in her own words] put on her "posh" voice and said

Mother - Excuse-me, do you stock the Boots Bionics range? I'd like some eye cream!
Shop Assistant - Pardon? Madam I think you mean the Botanics range!
My mother has the world's first bionic eyelids..... she can stop speeding bullets, push over palm trees, vault walls and catch arch-criminals with her face!! [I remember Lindsay wagner doing it!]

update - no photos of crepe papered car yet!


Katya said...

ha ha ha thats ace...i can see her rushing out and finding another boots store...

what is T.O.G dom btw...???

Ms Mac said...

Ooooh... only 2 sleeps to go! I'm getting all excited for you!

Le laquet said...

Katya - T.O.G.-dom (Terry's Old Girls/Guys- Radio 2, Breakfast Show .... she eats out of date food too!

ms.mac - yes, over the top excitement has hit Kent, came home tonight in a "crepe-papered car!" Post in the morning to tell all!

Thanks both - Jo xx