Friday, May 20, 2005

Things that annoy me #2 - don't say it if you don't mean it!

I parked the car last night, down the road and around the corner ...... there's the pipes outside the house still - but I figure the excercise is probably doing me some good!! So I parallel park the car - muscles like Arnie [diesel with no power-steering!] and notice a coat has been dropped on the floor in front of the car. 2 older ladies [read silver haired!] are standing outside the house I'm parked in front of so I politely say ....

Me - excuse me, does this coat belong to you?

Lady #1 - oh no! [Picks up jacket] I noticed it when you parked there last week, it was under your car then. Because you park there everyday now don't you? [Lays jacket down on the verge outside the house] I'll just leave it here!

This silver-haired stalker is noting my parking habits!!! F#*k!!

Me - well not everyday!

Lady #1 - oh yes! I'll think you'll find you were there on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. Last night and the night before you were further down the road!

Me - I'm sorry about that! I can't park outside my house because of the pipes!

Lady #1 - yes, I know that. I didn't mean anything by it! [Turns away] Sorry Irene, where were we before the interruption?

These days I often hear older people say "young people these days are so rude!" I count myself as young-ish and I have to say - we're not! Old people, like here are rude, they say what the fuck they like and don't give a shag about the consequences! I always try to be polite unless rudeness is absolutely required - I say please and thank you, I hold doors, I try not to be judgemental for any reason!!

Dear Silver-haired, car watching stalker around the corner,

If you don't want me to park my car outside your house - hard cheese!! I pay my car tax .... not always on time - but no more that 3 days late ever - so I can park anywhere and whilst we are at it - if you don't mean anything by it ...... DON'T SAY IT!

love & kisses


Ms Mac said...

That'll learn 'er! Old boot! (I just chucked that in for solidarity. I don't normally go around calling senior ladies old boots- much)

Le laquet said...

Neither do I - much!! How were your birthday celebrations ... no, don't tell me - I will come and see!!

Walker said...

Some people are way to nosy. You should have asked her if your laundry was dry yet.

Fi said...

Sometimes I can be so tempting to give people like that the old two finger salute!

But that would be rude.

PS Thank you for the nice words below *blush* - it's lovely to have you on my blogroll too!

Laurie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Very nice over here!

Katya said...

she was well out of order, neighbour from hell springs to mind...silly old woman, i'd park across her drive or something next

we have to park on a first come first served basis, and sometimes we don't get in the street (ok thats rare) but we don't complain (ok the woman next door can't park for toffee and leaves huge gaps which make hubby mad) but apart from that...