Friday, May 06, 2005


Me - No Ruth, its called Ikea!

Ruth - Aye (she's from Lanark and is like a feminine version of Billy Connolly but prettier) that's what I said Eureka!

A while ago it was I who with much glee introduced Ruth to the joys of Swedish shopping (in a trance "follow the arrows") - we both love the place! I try to go once a month - just to see the new weird things they have but also to buy little stacking boxes - plastic/cardboard/paper/tin "I love little stacking boxes - the voices in my head tell me to buy them!" (You might want to surf away from the psycho lady's site now!!)

Anyway, thought I'd let you know that last night I bought

10 metal - zinc I think - containers to hang on the balcony to put herbs in (and 5 more to go above the sink in my classroom to put paintbrushes/glue sticks in to dry!)
4 ice cube trays (arrows, + signs, little circles with holes in & stars)
Paper napkins - blue, green and yellow (for the wedding ..... I didn't mention I was getting married, didn't I? - I must be slipping!!)
A lantern for the table on the balcony (see above)
4 vanilla candles
A new light fitting for the living room
Bulbs - 12 (light fitting takes 5 ..... but have you seen the new broadband advert from BT, my tootsies don't need the pain!)
A bendy chopping board - so veggies wont fly across room as I transfer them from board to pan/wok/salad bowl
And Jayne came too and bought us a fantastic picture/canvas for the kitchen wall as a wedding present!

Was Simon impressed? Of course - he didn't have to go did he!!


Katya said...

i love ikea, apart from when i bought all my bookcases and went back the week later to find they were all half price in the sale...don't you hate it when that happens


Ms Mac said...

I freakin' love IKEA. It's one of my favourite day trips!