Thursday, May 26, 2005

Snack time! Or, how to drink a cup of tea through a penguin!

All of you who are now reading this post because you think it might contain some pervy "bestiality bits" (drinking a cup of tea through a penguin) turn away now, I mean a

biscuit and not a penguin

So, now the perverts have left (yeh right!) and only the seriously sweet-toothed remain, if you have 5 minutes and fancy a "tasty treat" try this "how to!"

  1. Prepare your hot beverage of choice. (Mine - white tea, 1 sugar)
  2. Nibble the chocolate layer off the top (short end of the rectangle) of your penguin biscuit. Repeat for the bottom of your biscuit!
  3. Place the bottom of said penguin in your hot beverage of choice and top in your mouth.
  4. Suck!
  5. Harder!
  6. Eventually (..... unfortunately I cannot give a timescale as it depends on the individuals ability to "start motor bikes" .... just call me Fifi) the hot beverage of choice will travel up through your biscuit and arrive tasting slightly of chocolate in your mouth!
  7. The best bit - the finalé - by the end of your cup/mug of hot beverage the biscuit is molten inside and dissolves on your tongue into a gooey mess of chocolate, biscuit and chocolate cream filling!
  8. Go on! Go on! Go on!


Abraham said...

I do that with a wafer every morning. The wafers are used to keep me regular. At my age I need all the help I can get.

Le laquet said...

LMAO!! Lol! - You probably need to try a penguin!

Katya said...

tim tams work like that too, after seeing natalie imbruglia doing it on the graham norton show...

i can't stand penguins or tea so i'm at a loss really...


recoveryroad said...

"Suck!" and "perverts" and "penguin"....the indexer sure is going to have fun with you.... :)

btw: what a disgusting concotion!


Le laquet said...

See I thought would be shocked too ...... but there's 916 hits for Suck, perverts & penguin!

dotty said...

Chocolate and tea are a natural combination. As for nibbling the ends of sticks of chocolate; Chunky Kit Kats are great because of the extra thick wedge of milk chocolate at one end...but which end? So it's imperative to nibble both, just to make sure.

Am Visiting after recommendation from Katya and the Swansea Girl. Am Ver glad I came.

Le laquet said...

Katya - I wrote the post because I didn't know what Tim Tams (as recived by ms.mac in a chocolate aid package from down under) were! SO I have something in common with the stunning Natalie Imbruglia? Well there wasn't going to be anything else!!

Dotty - welcome, I couldn't agree more about tea and choc ..... I quite like those new-ish choc digestives with a layer of caramel as well *starts to dribble* Big thanks to Katya and the "Joe's fan from Swansea" for directing you!!

Jo xx

Ms Mac said...

Hi Jo,

In Aust they call that the Tim Tam Slam. And it rocks!

Love Abraham's comment!

Le laquet said...

ms.mac - I know I cried laughing!!