Monday, May 16, 2005

5 reasons my wedding was the best ever!

What a fantastic day we had yesterday - I had such a great time, I expected the day to be ... more of a rush! But in fact it was brilliant, we got time to chat and catch up with just about everyone!

1. The registry office ceremony was lovely - I was expecting a little clinical and cold .... I didn't think that performing so many marriages each day that they could inject warmth into them all but it was lovely. The 3 ladies were fantastic, they even made a point of calling me Jo during all of the "non official" bits - thank you!! [I only get called Joanne if I am in major trouble with my mother!!]

This is it!

2. Confetti - I love it! And they threw it!

Confetti time!

3. Having the party at home, whilst a little stressful before hand ["don't you dare dirty this kitchen now that it's been cleaned" said Mum!!!!] was great because it was so chilled. There was no-one hurrying us along


4. The food & cocktails [Charlie's Angels ..... recipe below!] were incredible [- thanks Kevan], so were the desserts [- thanks Su] & so was the cake [- thanks Mrs Stableford!] I have already done recipe swaps for loads of people and shall be putting a couple of the recipes in 1000 recipes - when the book arrives!

My other favourite ginger person

5. I got to marry the man I love! He's not perfect [I could give you a list of reasons] but he loves me, makes me laugh, protects me, makes great curry and he's mine!! Now, he just needs to remember my new name and I need to go and practice the bloody signature!!

Simon and me

The trouble this week is going to be coming back down to earth, with without a bang!

Kevan's Charlie's Angels
Put a sugar cube in the bottom of your champage flute - la perrouche work well. Cover the cube with peach liquer [& in the official recipe apricot brandy!] top up with cold champagne, 2 drops of Angostura bitters. Decorate with peach slices. Enjoy .... I had 1 or 2 myself!!

p.s. Did I mention the "diamonds for me" and the full Monty ..... thanks guys!!


Katya said...

awww you looked amazing...i'm so glad it all went well...


Fi said...

Your dress is gorgeous! And the Charlie's Angels cocktail sound divine! Sounds like it was a lovely day.

I was married in a registry office (York Registry Office, 10 years this coming November) - and the day become more about a marriage than a wedding because of it. I've never regretted it.

You look so happy - congratulations :)

Ms Mac said...

How lovely! I'm so pleased your wedding day went so well!

Big congratulations!

Mark said...

When do you return to work, Joanne? :-)

Le laquet said...

I am back in work already Mr Ford!! Apparently us teachers get enough holiday already - but then I'm not the one getting a whole month in Malysia am I??