Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dw'in mynd i Abertawe!! [Apologies for the spelling guys!!]

It's half term - hurrah!! And I'm off on a jolly - hurrah! To Wales - hurrah! And I thought I'd leave you with a little about it/my jolly .... to read whilst I'm gone!!

So I'm Welsh - a dragon? Ask my husband!

Welsh flag

I'm Swansea, born and bred and have been know to drink the "mile" occaisionally - would I have the stamina now? ...... probably!

The Mumbles mile from the air

Whilst in Wales, I shall be going to the beach - my favourites are Three Cliffs

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

and of course Llangenith!

The beach at Llangennith

And I shall try to walk the worm if I have time!

Worm's Head from above Llangennith

More than anything - I shall relax, talk to my sister-in-law, play with my nephews, see friends and trade insults with my brother - who said family life wasn't fun!! Or as the WTB says "There's Wales for you!" See you all soon - Jo xx


K Jones said...

I am so envious. With a name like Jones, I have wanted to visit there forever. Enjoy your visit.

recoveryroad said...

I love Wales, the Welsh and the whole damned shooting match. I even like sheep and the Welsh weather.

Ms Mac said...

Have a fab time!

Walker said...

Looks beautiful, looks alot like Newfoundland here. Have a good time. :D

Fi said...

Enjoy your mid term break Jo :)

Wales is lovely - parts of it reminded me of NZ!

Le laquet said...

Mr Jones - yes, you should .... it's a lovely place!

Kenny - me too, you need to do some walking in South Wales next! The beacons are fab and then ther's the Pembrokeshire Coastal NP!! :o)

ms.mac - thanks, I will!

walker - beautiful indeed, now as long as it doesn't rain!

fi - loads of people say Wales is a lot like NZ ....could it have something to dow with the sheep/hills/green/rain combo?

Katie said...

OMG those pictures are absolutely fantastic... now, that really makes me want to go visit.... *winks*