Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thursday's coming. Reasons why I won't be voting ....... !

  1. No-one has called at my door to say "Vote for us because ......"
  2. Will my vote really count?
  3. Even if we vote someone in they'll do what the bloody hell they want - not naming any names Tone - not what I want, so what's the point anyway!
  4. There'll be a new education minister ..... and I can't be doing with this changing of the system again - I've only just this way right!!
  5. Once when I was living at home with my parents, my next door but one neighbour who was then Mayor of the village (and a labour councillor) checked the list to see if I had voted and berated me over the garden wall because I hadn't (I was a student at that point and was probably at the pub!) And this pissed me off no end, this "little" man being able to access this information about me!!

Ok so this 5 was a bit of rant!! But you know me! Me not voting will piss my mother off royally!! Who knows, I might actually vote after all!


Mr Mark said...

I thought you knew it was fixed anyway. :p

Le laquet said...

Ah, my favourite little conspiracy theorist has come up for air!! Have a good holiday :o)

Ms Mac said...

That's outrageous, the "little man" part! So much for a secret ballot!

But, and I don;t mean to get preachy here, have you thought that everyone who feels the swame way as you do actually did cast a vote it might make just that little bit of difference.

Mind you, I haven't voted in 15 years!

Anonymous said...

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