Thursday, May 12, 2005

2 days to go

Last week a newsletter came through the door saying that Morrisons - no not the ones who sell groceries - on behalf of Transco would be putting in a new gas main on our road! So I rang the mobile phone number to say ...... will it affect me?

Mr Morrisons - Oh no, it will be further up the road!!

Well see that white house in the middle - that's my house!! And in case you didn't know, I'm getting married on Saturday ..... from that white house!

Thanks Transco in the week of my wedding I really want a new gas main laid outside my house!

And how exactly am I supposed to get in and out the house? And how do I hitch my leg over the pipe?? In a wedding frock ..... and where exactly are we going to park cars when we come back to the house because the bloody reception is at the god-damn house!!

Thanks Transco!

So readers, please join with we in passing on a great big "Thanks" to Transco and Morrisons!! You've really made my day!


Katya said...

awww that absolutely sucks...don't suppose they are moving it all anytime soon...???

Le laquet said...

Katya - Medway Council says that they plan to be there for a whole month!! You're right .... sucks!!

Ms Mac said...

Those Bastards! I'm stunned at the stupidity!