Saturday, May 14, 2005

Cake anyone?

So I'm awake ...... and the sky is very grey/gray!! But as long as it doesn't rain - it'll be fine! However, BBC weather doesn't look promising :o(

Seeing as I'm awake thought I'd show you some pictures I took yesterday morning ... but a little explanation first!! Simon and I met in September 1999 in Yahoo chat. I had a brand new computer and it was my first night in a chat room! Simon lived on the Isle of Man and I was in Kent. We spoke for a week online and then he asked for my phone number and we talked constantly! My phone bill for that quarter was in excess of £200 and would have been more except that my BT calls were only 1p a minute after 6pm!! Then in the October he came over for a long weekend and at Christmas I went to Douglas - the Isle of Man was/is beautiful BUT there was next to no chance of me getting a teaching job there - I don't speak Manx and the government makes a point of giving jobs to Manx people first! So in April 2000, Simon moved over here and ...... here we are!!

Anyway, my friend Mandy had told me about the fab cakes her Mum makes and disliking fruit cake as I do ..... I felt a bit of chocolate or carrot cake would be appropriate!! I also thought I would surprise Simon with a special cake for the wedding ...... so, here it is!!

Wedding cake
There are more photos here!

Update - Married! Partying hard ... a few photos for you too see, colour ones later!! Thankyou all for your good wishes!! Jo xx

Simon, me and our witnesses


Simon's family


Walker said...

Great cake, does she deliver? : ( probably not. I met my GF on line and she has been here once so far. I'm am off to New Zealand for new years eve.

Ms Mac said...

Good Luck! Have a wonderful day!

Fi said...

All the best to you and Simon from Team Kiwifruit

(And chocolate and carrot Wedding Cake? Oooh, yuuuum!)



SwissTwist said...

Blessings on your special day!

Wishing you a fab future as Mr and Mrs.

mrsmogul said...

Came her by Ms. Mac! WOW You're blogging on your wedding day !That is dedication. Are you gonna type on the laptop as you walk down the aisle? PS I've BEEN TO GILLINGHAM!!! My in-laws live in Romney Marsh.

Jon said...

I have no idea who you are, but I still like to wish you and your partner the best of luck!

Not that you need it, you guys were meant to be together! :)

gina said...

ms. mac sent me
to send you well wishes
on your wedding day~
Best Wishes!
ps. That cake is fabulous- how creative and special!

blue2go said...

That's a nice cake! Best Wishes on your wedding! That's so romantic how you met and got together. Ms. Mac mentioned you on her blog, which is how I found you.

happyandblue2 said...

Best wishes on your wedding day.
The cake looks great..

Kim said...

Hi! Congrats and best wishes, Stella sent me!!

Rainypete said...

Best wishes in the new life together. Hopefully the weather co-operates (it rained on our wedding day).

That cake is terrific!

Christine said...

Stopping by via Ms. Mac to wish you the very best. Congratulations!!!

PS - I love that cake! :)

Le laquet said...

Thank you all so much for your good wishes - as I type, Simon is trying to find the last of the glasses we hired and I am taking painkillers and off back to bed!

As I said to someone yesterday - that was the best wedding I'd been to in ages!

Jo xx

Katya said...

best wishes on your big day, i hope everything went without a hitch (well just the one anyway)...

*throws confetti*

Michael said...