Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jo is ..............

Go and visit the wonderful Swansea Girl and you'll find exactly where I nicked this from!! Comments arriving a little at a time!!

Jo is a one stroke painting instructor (Yep I'm autistic artistic as all hell!)
Jo is pregnant (not that would make Simon smile - actually it would be more of a grimace with terror!)
Jo is online (yes she is!)
Jo is for jordan (but without the mahoosive gazongas ...... mine are marginally less mahoosive!!)
Jo is fun (especially when she's had too much booze and too little sleep! Naturally there are people who would argue the toss about this!)
Jo is maaray so; Jo is een vakzaak gespec
(You've got to love the Dutch!! That is Dutch right? It's not Welsh thats for sure!!)
Jo is a hit again by S Abudarham (Singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music ....aaaaaaaaaa!" Probably more like Johnny Weisemuller than Julie Andrews!)
Jo is throwing skip (-ping ropes at small children!)
Jo is gone
(You didn't know?)
Jo is pregnant with her third child (I'm keeping them in the spare bedroom, in big bunk beds!)

Jo is the biggest diva in Hollywood? (Yeh the ? at the end of that staement needs to stay!)
Jo is mine (No, she's mine!)
Jo is cool (Circa 1996)
Jo is afraid of 'darkness inside houses' (Yes, sometimes she is!)
Jo is the better singer (Out of her and Simon - his version of "Somewhere" needs to be heard to be believed!)
Jo sings more than Hannah (Especially when we're drunk!)
Jo is asking for your help in designing her new t
(-shirt ..... actually I'd like a skinny fit t-shirt with html brackets and the code for bold saying "I'm blogging this" on the front .... actually I'd like the size 12 body and perky boobs to go with it!!)
Jo is on the cover of steppin out magazine (Fame .... I want to live 'til Tuesday!)
Jo is a training place in which to forge yourself by training seriously with the Japanese sword (What can you say? There is no answer .... 'cept I quite like Sushi!)

Jo is a sailors dream come true (In ports around the world!!)
Jo is in close proximity (to a large chunk of toblerone at this very minute!)
Jo is wearing a black wig in roughly half of the pictures (and purple brothel creepers in the rest)
Jo is 22 she was born in Romford in Essex and is a proper Essex girl (Apologies, but I love this joke .....

EMT to Essex girl at the site of a car crash near Basildon - Don't worry darlin', we'll have you sorted. Now tell me, where are you bleedin' from?
Essex girl - Romford mate!
Jo is not (going to get to the end of this as she has a very short attention span and Charmed starts soon!)
Jo is younger (than Simon - nah nah ne nah nah!!
Jo is to anime music (what red hot pokers are to balloon sculptors!)

Jo is very proud to have two books included on this list
Jo is at a point
Jo is a woman
Jo is her name (unless she's having a bollocking from her mother!! Then she's Jo-anne!)
Jo is the clinic manager at Bak/Sequoia hospital's outpatient clinic located at 525 Veterans Blvd
Jo is fairly rigid on the couch (is this a Dr Seuss rhyme? Jo is sitting in a slouch. Jo is eating from a dish. Jo is fishing with a squish!) Well he never made sense either :o)
Jo is a true survivor who is looking for a special home (Where people will allow her to live in peace and tranquility without the strappy white 80s bondage jacket!)
Jo is facing
Jo is super fabulous (of course dahlink!)
Jo is now putting her considerable energies into her newly released cd
Jo is at the forefront of new
Jo is married to the former Janée Lambert of Mobile (No, she's getting spliced a week Saturday and is still not excited BUT the first wedding present has arrived!)
Jo is the most spectacular example of a Japanese castle in existence
Jo is safe
Jo is the most remarkable "self "
Jo is a package of energy
Jo is now a part
Jo is hand crafted to your specified length (Standard length 5' 5 1/2" available on a special 3 for 2 price deal!!)
Jo is the incumbent lord of the manor of Great Ellingham Hall (Get me how posh is that!!)
Jo is falling into a similar scenario with her next lover
Jo is an outspoken tomboy with a passion for writing
Jo is anyone's dream come true
Jo is their friend
Jo is a very experienced primary school teacher who has been teaching for almost 30 years
Jo is thinking about her eggs (poached today I think! What do you mean? Oh, THOSE eggs!)
Jo is fun (to watch in the snow!)
Jo is freepasword shemale cigarette (Could they not even spell password corectly coorectly correctly?)
Jo is beautiful (Blushing - No, she's not especially this morning!)
Jo is moving on (up, moving on out, moving on up, nothing can stop me!)
Jo is going home
Jo is the cutest actress all time
Jo is the only American who could do it (Surely they meant Welsh woman!! Mind you we all know that .... no I'm going to stop there before I really get myself in big trouble!)
Jo is a masterpiece of detail and intelligence (and a minorpiece of untidiness - only dull women have tidy homes!)
Jo is a professional storyteller
Jo is a sailor's dream come true (If he likes bosomy blondes!)
Jo is the sort of performance group thrown up and supported by culture budgets in western Europe
Jo is presented first as a teacher
Jo is one of a team of four to represent great britain at the world snow sculpture championships
Jo is pleased to be included at America writes for kids
Jo is a musician with the whitehorse symphony orchestra
Jo is at a slightly forward angle and is steadied with your right hand (I've been drinking again haven't I?)
Jo is in close proximity
Jo is originally taken from the bo (And from Luke and Daisy too!)
Jo is published in (Zulu and Pula and E.I.E.I.O. - Enviromental Newspaper at Uni)
Jo is aiming to cross English channel (on a luxury yacht! One day!)
Jo is an original and her music is fully heartfelt
Jo is not a logician
Jo is currently on hiatus
Jo is said to be the oldest style for using a stick
Jo is at a point
Jo is her name (48 is her number. I just like the number. I'm not 48 yet - got quite a way to go actually!)
Jo is more of a tres chic beer house
Jo is art (with a silent initial t?)
Jo is thick (and therefore should be working at that hospital in Taunton!)
Jo is the parent of Eric (Is he one of the kids in the bunks in the spare room? Like I would call a kid Eric ..... can you imagine what he'll go thorugh in school!)
Jo is a research psychologist

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