Saturday, May 21, 2005

Counting down!

I'm tried (in fact so tired, I can't spell tired) today - school has been hard this week! I have 17 boys (and only 10 girls) in class this year and suddenly 2 weeks ago a surge of testosterone came out of nowhere! These are suddenly 5/6/7 yr olds with attitude!!

They're fighting, arguing, telling tales, punching, pinching, poking & generally pissing me off!! I'm not normally narky (yeh I know I was ranting about silver haired stalker yesterday!) I try to "manage the behaviour in class" with humour and fun! In fact my teaching/classroom management is not the issue - these lads are "surging" as soon as they leave the room!! Anyway our amazing "behavioural expert" is coming in next week full of sage advice, humour and ideas! And if even she fails the good news is ...... only 2 months until they move on to the next class!!

p.s. the majority of my class are complete sweethearts - full of fun, kind thoughts, helpfulness & good ideas - they can stay next year if they like :o)


Katya said...

kids are just getting worse, this is why i don't have any, they are cute for a while and then turn into


Ms Mac said...

So for teachers, it's the same as the kids. I can see when my boys need their school hols.... They get tired and grumpy too!

Le laquet said...

Absolutely and the kids need the holiday more than me!!