Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things, things and more things

Fi over at photogra-fi is NaBloPoMo-ing too ... she filled a day by sharing a list of 100 everyday things she loves. What do you mean did I steal the idea? Of course I did, don't you remember who you're reading? ;o)

1) fresh bedlinen 2) toast 3) freshly bathed babies 4) Mini Coopers 5) bubbles 6) wicker baskets 7) handmade quilts 8) candles 9) vanilla 10) black and white photos 11) deep armchairs 12) re-watching Pride and Prejudice on YouTube 13) disco 14) reading in the afternoon in the sunshine 15) Habitat photo frames 16) nephews 17) stickers 18) stars 19) lilacs 20) rainbows 21) puddles 22) clean windows 23) new drinking glasses 24) red ribbons 25) falling snowflakes 26) crunchy pears 27) the ocean 28) diamonds* 29) log fires 30) French market places 31) heirloom tomatoes 32) conkers 33) glitter** 34) natural sponges 35) pine-cones 36) mash 37) fascinations 38) sweet peas 39) the smell of the rain 40) wolf whistles 41) lip balm tins 42) wooden juice reamers 43) chili pepper fairy lights 44) stainless steel door handles 45) the smell when I open my masala dabba 46) the first night under the heavy quilt 47) children singing 48) Ikea catalogues 49) the Community Playthings website 50) new boxes of coloured pencils
Gosh this is quite hard ... are you all paying attention to see if I've said anything twice?
51) real lemonade 52) soapstone elephants 53) foreign postcards 54) sausage sandwiches 55) red shoes 56) Sunday supplements 57) decorative coat hooks 58) Whittards mugs 59) Roman blinds 60) diaries 61) wind chimes 62) The Pillars of the Earth 63) new t-shirts 64) pashminas 65) almond croissants 66) dancing 67) the smell of leather 68) Trebuchet 16, italic in navy 69) lambswool socks 70) KSBs 71) windmills 72) cotton buds 73) pedicures and french polished toes 74) bean bags*** 75) art-deco stained glass 76) wooden spoons 77) O'De Lancome 78) tagines - the pots 79) being the first person to open a new magazine 80) foreign stamps 81) lavender blue shutters 82) mobiles 83) Le Creuset casseroles 84) eye drops 85) filled book shelves 86) nude lipstick 87) handkerchiefs 88) brocade 89) USB drives 90) espresso cups 91) boxes 92) laughing 93) Laguiole pocket knives 94) ice cubes 95) Mozzarella di Bufala 96) napkin rings 97) flirting 98) smutty jokes 99) freshly threaded eyebrows**** 100) alphabetised CD collections*****
* Yes I know - not exactly everyday BUT I wear my 4 every day.
** I'd have to wouldn't I? After all I teach nursery.
*** Though you don't want to see me getting out of them!
**** Well, the next morning when the redness has gone
***** I don't have one, but I wish I had the patience!!


Betty C. said...

Laguiole pocket knives? Amazing -- we love them too and only live 40 minutes from Laguiole. I have a lovely little one that my husband gave me that I carry with me at all times. I have to remember to take it out of my purse when I take the plane to Paris or London, though!

Le laquet said...

Betty C ~ Yes, love them - I remember when a group from our twin town flew to Britain to visit us for the first time ... all the blokes on the flight had pocket knives to eat with - as is normal in France they were all confiscated @ Bordeaux before they got on the plane. Where they embarassed that they had tried to carry a knife onto an aircraft? Hell no! Just cross ... how were they going to eat now? Luckily Air France agreed to keep them and returned them when they got back to France.
Laguiole is about 2 1/2 hours from my parents BUT I'll get there one day :o)

The Fi in Photografi said...

Brilliant! I love reading other people's lists :)

Lesley said...

So out of the loop - I have no idea what threaded eyebrows are!

Le laquet said...

Fi - I'm glad you liked it!

Lesley - it's plucking eyebrows with cotton ... one of Sikh friends can do it and keeps my eyebrows trim for me!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Great list, I approve entirely of number 9. However, I cringe at the thought of freshly threaded eyebrows - what's wrong with a good old pair of tweezers, I ask myself?

Ms Mac said...

I have two bright red Whittard mugs for drinking my tea out of. I *heart* them!