Thursday, November 27, 2008

Questions, more questions, yet more questions and even more questions

To tide you over until home-time, here's my questions from my post at that's my answer. So go over there and answer them :o)

There’s a photo of my graduation on the windowsill in front of me. They were taken when I graduated from the University of Wales in 1997. I’m with two of my best friends Kevan and Estelle. I look happy (and relieved) and oh so very young.
Can you see photos anywhere near you? Where were they taken? Who is in them? And what memories to they bring back?
Snip, snip
How often do you have your hair cut? Every six weeks as “they” suggest? Or do you wait longer to be coiffed?
Slurping up the soup
Ok a cooking question … well more of a little selection of cooking questions - a bit like the questions about manners but soupier!
1. Do you make homemade soup?
2. What is your favourite kind to make?
3. Is there a secret ingredient? Or is it a “chuck everything in the pot cover it with water and let it get on” kind of soup?*
4. Do you ever eat “soup out of a can?”
5. What’s your favourite flavour/make?
6. What do you serve with soup?
7. Do you eat soup all yr long or only in the winter?
8. And finally … Is it ever ok to slurp?
* p.s. If you're willing to share the recipe all donations gratefully received.

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Lisa said...

I've a photo on the wall just behind's one of Anna carrying Jaimee on her shoulders, kinda twirling her around. It's one of my favourites taken at the orchard a couple of years ago when my Dad was visiting.

I USED to get my haircut every 6 weeks. That was more before children when I could afford it lol. These days I probably go for once every 3 months, or pretty much when it starts to piss me off (ooh, can I say piss on here?)

I never make homemade soup, I tried's was ghastly! My fav is either creamy tomato or mushroom. And if I have it, I was almost always have it out of a can lol I serve it with crunchy dinner rolls. Generally only ever eat it during the winter...and I don't think it's ok to slurp, but sometimes ya just can't help it!

God, that's gotta be the longest comment I've made anywhere in some time lol.