Saturday, November 08, 2008


We spent this morning trying* to install/re-install Norton's on Simon's laptop ~ he has a virus/pop-ups on there and it needs "something" ... god only knows what ... to a) get rid of the pop-ups and b) protect it for the future.
Part of the problem is that Simon really hasn't got the patience - you can hear his "theatrical sighs" when things take too long from downstairs/another room, he flounces off as soon as something doesn't work and then storms back to hover at my shoulder, grumbling and huffing as I try to help. Then he complains about the wasted time as if it is my fault that the laptop is no longer working, where as if he'd kept the anti-virus protection up to date we wouldn't be having this problem right now. My last suggestion - of popping the laptop along to the local repair shop was answered with "you just might as well throw it out."** Good grief!!! He really needs to a) calm down or b) take a chill pill in plenty of time in situations like this.
I on the other hand need a) advice on how to live with the most impatient man in Christendom or b) a gun. Lead me to SCD please - the sequins will make me feel better.
* No, not suceeding.
** "That's fine mate but we haven't got the money to buy another one and you're not using mine" is what I should have replied to that comment.


Lisa said...

You need some sort of stuff to lace his morning/afternoon/evening cuppa with. That'd help him chill out, and not land you in the clink!

What are you thinking?? Gun, indeed! lol

Lisa said...

Psst, how do I get that gorgeous NaBloPoMo icon in your sidebar? Did you make that? Can I have it too? It's luffly :)

Fizzy said...

Isn't it terrible when you think of the perfect reply AFTER the moment has past!

A bit of camomile tea, or a visit with the rubber mallet!

andy said...

Would it be wrong to mention that in more than 15 years of Internet use, I've never had anti-virus software and I've never had so much as a scare? A little care and common sense about what you click and you'll be fine :-)

Indigo said...

My husband spent an afternoon uninstalling Norton on our computer, it has a lot of hidden files and such, or so he says and since he's my I.T. Dept. I just have to believe him. Anyhow, he removed it and I had to swear to him that I'd never put it on there again. Ack!

p.s. Fizzy's duck always makes me giggle.