Monday, November 03, 2008

Day 3

God it's always this hard at the beginning, getting back into the swing of blogging on a daily basis. What have I got going on that's interesting enough to bother writing down? If I spend time blogging will that intrude on my daily SCD/ITT addiction? What can I eat - could bleugh weather making me constantly starving - whilst blogging that won't get crumbs in the keyboard? What hand should I type with ... so I can stir my tea with the other? What is this drivle that I am currently typing? And where is Si with the mug of tea? I should go and eat something and then maybe my head will work properly - I'll come back if it does honest! Here have some of the magic of Austin until then!

Austin and Erin for the title too after Cherie's bleugh frock!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Wow, the dancing was amazing - is this from the latest series? We've only just got the 2006 show here on BBC Prime am having a fine time watching Mark Ramprakash's sexy little bottom... And no, no spoilers, don't tell me who won that series!
Who is Austin - ie Austin who, don't recognise the name or the face?

Leilani said...

what on earth is this show? The Brit version of dancing with the stars?

ee gads.

BTW I saw saw The Bank Job with Jason Statham. He was funny in Lock Stock and Smoking Barrels...the whole lot of them were...that has to be a classic!

gandalady said...

Hello le laquet! nice to track you down. I am delighted you would like a Christmas star thingy. If you email me your address ( robscoff at yahoo dot co dot uk) I will send you one!