Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday round up

So, Friday was better than Thursday probably as we didn't have to send 3 boys home and say "don't come back for a week and then you'll be sent home again if you can't behave." 20 years ago we'd have sent them home permanently but today with the government's attendance figure targets we have to gradually work our way up through the exclusion/expulsion process - first one day, then 3, then 5 (i.e. a week), eventually helping to arrange a "managed move" to another primary school. Today was much better without them though - bring on the managed move I say.

I am looking forward to a calm weekend with NO school work - by choice ;o)


Leilani said...

Wine. Lots of wine. And a good does of Whine...;-)

Have a good weekend!

Fizzy said...

Good for you!
What are you going to do with yourself then?