Saturday, November 01, 2008

Welcome November welcome

So, the 1st of November has arrived, the wind is blowing a hoolie and the rain is drumming against the office window. I feel about as far removed from summer as I'm going to get. I've agreed to go for a "long walk"* this morning with Simon but I'm regretting it more and more as if it's as cold out there as it looks I'll be stuck to the radiator for the rest of the day.

We had bubble and squeak for tea last night beacuse I needed potatoes. Truly needed. needed was in capital letters inside my head when the thought occurred too me. It was in caps and in bold and the font was larger on that word than on the rest of the words in that sentence. I NEEDED potatoes!
I am feeling insanely jealous of my lovely sister-in-law H who is currently sunning it on the island of Bermuda with 3 work friends ... she could have asked me, I'd have not given a damn about leaving my husband home alone and waltzing off to a Caribbean island for a week of carousing.
Me, SAD? Of course not.
*Seeing as Simon is Simon, this will equate to a half marathon at yomping speed.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

1. can you please send recipe for bubble and squeak - I keep hearing about bubble and squeak but have never tried it and know much less how to make it - mind you I suppose I can find a recipe on UKTV food.

2. erm, could you please translate all that html at the end of the post...!!!???!

Enjoy the walk - and the radiator! :-)

Lisa said...

Ah the yummy bubble and squeak, been a while since I ate me some of that! I trust you enjoyed it...while you wrote about how much you REALLY needed potatoes, you never said how much you enjoyed actually HAVING them lol

So? did ya go for a walk in the cold or did you stick to the radiator?? (Oh, just realised that it's still only around 9am up there , oops lol)

andy said...

aaah, we love the bubble and squeak, there isnt a recipe is there, its just whatever leftovers you have, thats why I usualy call it mash-up :-)

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! And I love that I just learned a new phrase...Bubble and squeak! Sounds so much more interesting than "leftovers". My kids will love the new name for dinner! :)