Sunday, November 30, 2008


So, that's it ... November is done and dusted. I blogged and then I blogged and then I blogged and now I'm taking a couple of days off. At least I think I am UNLESS something fabulous happens ;o) To everyone else who made it - Congratulations and now relax.



Lisa said...

*High 5*

Yep, same as you. Unless something spectacular happens, I'm taking a couple of days off!


Dan said...

I am sorry, I just had to show you this

The Fi in Photografi said...

Well done Missus! You did a damn sight better than me.

I sucked.

Betty C. said...

FĂ©licitations! It looks like you have kept up with your habit so far, though! I posted on Monday but took yesterday off.

I hope we stay in touch. As I mentioned in my "Last day of NaBloPoMo" post, connecting with you was the high point of the month for me as far as any social aspect of the ordeal went! I didn't get into the opportunities offered by the platform -- I was too busy blogging every day!