Friday, November 28, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings #305

Patricia is early this week ... but hey I can always mutter, it's not just a Sunday thing for me!

I say ... and you think ... ?
Sleepy :: tired
Thanksgiving :: USA
Fifteen :: Jamie Oliver
Authority :: in charge
Bangs :: knocks
Curled :: tongs
Young man :: youth
Surprised :: shocked
Mistake :: wrong
Handle it :: yourself
Do some mutterings of your very own over here.


Fizzy said...

Sleepy :: dwarf
Thanksgiving :: yesterday
Fifteen :: Turned 16
Authority :: Education
Bangs :: fringe?
Curled :: bacon
Young man :: Granny
Surprised :: Fish babies
Mistake :: Fish
Handle it :: fragile

Anonymous said...

Sleepy :hollow
Thanksgiving :: turkey
Fifteen :: number
Authority :: in charge
Bangs :: bumps
Curled :: hair
Young man :: lad
Surprised :: !!!
Mistake :: error
Handle it : frying pan

Ivan Girl said...

hullo there!

Sharing #1, 2 & 9 with you.

Have a great weekend!

boliyou said...

Love your answer for Handle It.

Anonymous said...

Great mutterings. I like your answer for #10.
Mine are up if you want to drop by to see them.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh, 'knocks' is an excellent answer!!!

I muttered...stop by, won't you?
Happy Sunday.

Suzan J. said...

We almost have the same "thanksgiving" answer.

I couldn't find something with "Bangs". Must be my poor English ;-)

Thanks for sharing!