Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deck the halls

So ... Tuesday already ... unfortunately that means that I am 1 day closer to Christmas and I am no closer to doing anything, let me reiterate, anything about it.

I haven't been to M&S to look at their catalogue/order a turkey*.
I haven't booked a ferry crossing - BTW look at this ...
ferry increase
Ufcking, bloody P&O! They put the ferry price up £30 as soon as school finishes on the 19th of December! It goes up more later in the eve ... why? I believe it's because families could be going on holiday. How tight is that? Now wonder most families are still desperate to use their "two weeks holiday during term-time entitlement" - I don't get that of course!
I haven't bought Simon a Christmas present.
I haven't written a Christmas card.
I haven't bought a Christmas card.
I haven't bought a
bran-tub present.
I haven't filled in my menu choices for the Christmas "do!"
I haven't paid for the do!
I haven't got an outfit for the Christmas do either!!!!
I haven't written my last-minute shopping list of all those things I can't get in France.
I haven't ordered/bought Christmas presents for nephews 1 to 5.
Trust me the list of things I have done is much, much shorter!
*Why my mother can't be happy with a Tesco turkey I don't know? Why I can't get a turkey in Leclerc in Gramat I don't know?


Anonymous said...

One month to go - and I'm in a similar position of having done sod-all about Xmas. It's not just that I can't bring myself to go out there and stimulate the economy; apart from having all the family home for a few days, I really can't be bothered with it at all.
Bah humbug, etc.

I'm sure it'll be alright on the night.

Leilani said...

Well....what is it that is said?

That's a lot of pride going over...

sorry the fares are so much higher!

Betty C. said...

Christmas sounds complicated for you!

Being away from my family (other than husband and daughter(s) has made it a much simpler occasion for me.

Hey, you've got a month yet! And only a few more days of NaBloPoMo!

I need to get your cool NBPM badge...

Fizzy said...

Cakes Cooked (the rest of the pics now on the blog)
Most of the cards written - just work to do, depending on where I am working.
Most of the family pressies bought and wrapped. Just kids to sort
Hubby already has the fish tank!!! (enough said)
Not cooking but agreed to make Salmon moussse
Sound organsied don't I!
(((Runs off to snigger)))

Le laquet said...

Teuchter – thank goodness someone else is where I am … not like organised people, wait I mean show-offs from Yorkshire (see below). Bought Olive magazine last night which has a really good roasted vegetables with cumin seed idea that I might try … would really take the pressure off on the day.

Leilani – yeh, I’m sure it’ll be The Pride of Dover *Lol* but cheeky buggers hoiking the price up!

Betty C – it shouldn’t be complicated BUT it’s the fact that I can’t buy parsnips in France and that my mother wants an M & S turkey … can you get them in France now? My father doesn’t like roast chicken says it’s too dry – bah humbug comes to mind! I’d be happy with a bit of foie – you know I would ;o)

Fizzy – “SHUT UP YOU!

Betty C. said...

Are you sure you can't buy parsnips? Aren't they "panais" in French?

Le laquet said...

Betty C - I've never seen them there, my dad promised to grow some ... I'm living in hope.