Sunday, May 01, 2005

Reasons why I loved my hen night!

I am home and tired and I have no voice! But I had a fab time and yes there were flashing badges and L plates and they sang in the restaurant and Diane and Ruth tap danced at London Bridge and we got the milk train and I have fantastic friends and family and we sat in (but didn't pay for) first class and a lovely lady from Connex South East said "no problem!" And when I am more alive later I will make this into a proper list and post photos but for now - sausage sandwich and back to bed! :o)

Ok it's 17.07 and I am awake ... Simon has just offered me a brandy and coke (well it's aperitif time!) and I've declined - my liver needs all the help it can get!! Might need an early night ... I am turning into such a lightweight in my old age!!

Anyway back to the post!!

1. Suzanne organised EVERYTHING brilliantly! We went to Vinopolis (nr London Bridge for a wine tasting afternoon ... hic!) Then we moved on to Leicester Square and finally Soho/China Town to eat! We sat in first class on the train (at 11.59 am yesterday) - breaking the law before we'd had a drink and then didn't stop having fun until I wobbled through the door at 2.20am this morning! Thanks tart!!

Oh might need a nap now!

It's just a woosh of blackcurrants

Making new friends at Vinopolis

God I look pissed already!

2. People came from all over the place. Bethan (my oldest friend there ...... well, not the oldest person but we've been friends since 1980 when we started comprehensive school in South Wales) came fro the other side of London but Diane came down from Staffordshire - 205 miles (328 km to anyone needing translation!) - Thanks Diane!!

3. Other people just want to talk to you because you're on a hen night - which makes it all the more interesting! In Leicester Square we got hijacked by a stag night doing a "Monopoly board pub crawl" [I always thought the Mumbles mile was good!!] and the guys weren't gobby or pissed and in your face just chatty and nice because we were doing the same things!

4. Food was lovely - they wouldn't let me pay - which I was happy too - but thanks anyway, I really enjoyed!!

An American on the tube

My 2 favourite ginger people

A serious moment ...... just pass me the wine!

Cosmic Twins

5. The journey home was all part of the experience - 3 Irish women, a Scot, an English woman and me (Welsh ..... did you not know?) waved Chris off on the train (surrounded by like minded Chelsea supporters) and then met more Celts and sang - all the way back to Kent. We went from Chris de Burgh (Patricia the Stripper) to traditional (Danny Boy & the Bonny, Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond) to the Beatles, Queen and all your old favourite Kareoke numbers! We were joined by Nick (from Stirling - lovely voice, got off at Woolich Arsenal I think) a couple from Clydebank (do you see a Scottish pattern emerging) and am Irish guy who helped out with the Irish Rover. They danced and clapped on the platform as we went through one station and I still have no voice!!!

So thankyou, all (Suzanne, Ruth, Helen, Cat, Laura, Jo, 'Mone, Diane x2, Bethan, Kelly, Leah, Sue, Mandy, Chris, Tracy & Brid) of you!! It was a night to remember :o)


Ms Mac said...

Sounds like a top night! Glad you had a great time! Did they not dress you up then? Boo!

rainhavoc said...

a certain person's utter dislike prevented any dressing up that may have occured!!!!!!!!

rainhavoc said...

whoops utter dislike of feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le laquet said...

The boa got put on and its an allergy ...... do you remember the hand signal you gave me at the 1st pub????? x x

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