Monday, May 30, 2005

The Genesis Code - finished!

The Genesis Code

And now a "Jo-esque" review of it! Liked it. It was good. [Started it yesterday at 2.40pm ..... finished it this morning! Couldn't put it down. I can now give my time over properly to Scaredy Cat by Mark Billingham.] If you liked The Da Vinci Code - you'll probably like this but it's less complicated! The plot was easier to follow .... probably why I could finish it so quickly! Right ...... where's my book?


deb said...

I liked The DaVinci Code so I bet I'd like this, too.

I, too, have hundreds of books, Jo. I'm typically reading two or three at a time. One in each room lol!

recoveryroad said...

Less complicated than Dan Brown's, erm, offering? LESS? Oooooookay. LMAO! I am such a snobby arsehole about books sometimes. ;-)

Le laquet said...

Deb - that is my biggest problem, a couple of books on the go at once - I'm in the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen so it must be "Pawn of Prophecy/The Last Escape/A Cook's Tour." Sound familiar?

Yes Kenny, it sounds like you are - :o) I didn't say that I found the Da Vinci Code complicated ... I just said that that The Genesis Code is a "less complicated" storyline. We all read the books we want for different reasons! What are you reading?

katie said...

Oooohhh........ I just realised you're welsh.... how utterly amazing... I'm learning welsh, well, trying to anyway... *winks*

btw, blogrolled you... hehe, hope it's ok?

recoveryroad said...

Tin Drum - Gunter Grass for about the eleventy-ninth time.

btw; I've read just about all (I think) of Dan Brown's books.


Katya said...

i've just been given the Da Vinci Code to take on my hols...ooh i'm exited about it now, i can only read one book at once...