Monday, May 23, 2005

A movie meme/mémé/même/mèmè (sp?)!

How is it spelt? Who cares ..... a bloke in France once asked if I came from Avignon or Marseille ... I'm Welsh and for a change off the subject!! Passed to me by the wonderfully entertaining and now gorgeously purple [my favourite colour] Fi - a movie meme/mémé/même/mèmè etc!

Total number of movies I own on DVD/video: sheesh ...... I would say 50, have loads of old ones on video.

Last movie I bought: National Treasure - Nicolas Cage, very enjoyable in a "Indiana Jones" kind of way - see below!

Last movie I watched: Ella Enchanted, borrowed from a friend's daughter, quite funny in a "Princess Bride" kind of way - wouldn't buy it but I liked the music.

Five movies that mean a lot to me (in no particular order): Only 5? That's hard!

The Shawshank Redemption - oh wow! I don't know quite what to say? I think this is probably my favourite film, my desert island discs film, I don't particularly like Tim Robbins, I love Morgan Freeman - it's just that this film is mind-blowing! I cry when the institutionalized ex-convict hangs himself, I cry when Andy is raped, I cry when they meet on the beach - fantastic!


Anything with an "Indiana Jones &/or Harrison Ford" feel - e.g. Raiders of the Ark, I.J. and the last Crusade, Patriot Games, Star Wars (IV, V or VI) etc etc


Sliding doors - huge fan of John Hannah, not a big fan of Gwyneth - but this is a "on the edge of my seat film!" A "what might have been" movie! What if I hadn't ............ makes me shiver!


Dirty Dancing - first film I saw with a boyfriend! We tried out the whole Dirty Dancing thing it was fab! Shit I just realised this wasn't the first film I went to see with a boyfriend - I went to see Purple Rain with my first boyfriend. Dirty Dancing was the first film I went to see with a boyfriend who I .... never mind my mother might read this!


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - love(d) it, favourite film when I was a kid growing up. My brother loves it [one of my nephews is called Caleb after one of the characters] .... and you thought the British army was full of big, burly, butch men - nah [you should here a whole bar full of them singing Kenny Rogers' "coward of the county."] I can sing all the songs and generally have this thing for older musicals going on. If I was allowed more than 5 I would add - Fiddler on the roof, Calamity Jane, Oklahoma (mind the new stage version with Hugh Jackman - ding dong!!), Kiss me Kate, Blue Hawaii, Singin' in the Rain, Gigi, Easter Parade etc, etc, etc


Tag three people: oh no, they've all done it - if you want to have a go .... help yourself, I did this for me!


Ms Mac said...

I love Harrison Ford too! And the Shawshank Redemtion. I cry every time they shoot that boy who was Andy's witness!

Also Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, along with Calamity Jane.... does it get any better than that?

Fi said...

Not to mention Dirty Dancing!

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner.."

(and the soundtrack was wonderful too)