Monday, June 18, 2007

So ............

Well, June around here is looking much like May did - not a whole lot of blogging going on. Too much work to do to be honest; report writing, Get Active Week and then a wonderful week in Brighton with two of my favourite men ... well two of them other than my husband I mean! You know what I mean don't you?
After bombing out of leaving school on Friday I managed to reach Seaford by 5.30 - the view from the flat window always entrances me - sky, sea and cliffs and Kev and I happily sat munching olives, flat bread and houmous washed down with the odd swig of wine until Ahmad arrived home at 7pm. Such a lovely relaxing chatty, foodie evening.
On Saturday we headed for Brighton for a little bit of shopping - there's a fantastic food shop (well 2 of them really owned by the same people), called Taj in Brighton selling whole, organic and speciality food. Amazing middle Eastern and Asian deli counter and vegetables that I have no idea what to do with :o) We bought flat breads, olives, heaven fruit - Ahmad didn't know the English name ... like a mixture between a plum (texture) and an apricot (colour) and a little bit peachy (flavour) with four large glossy pips inside. Beautiful but as to what it's called??? I Google'd Middle Eastern Fruit looking for a clue but you don't want to know what pictures that dug up!
Then after a quick coffee we strolled down to the sea front to play a game of Bingo / Mingo ... surely you know the one? You sit and watch the world and it's inhabitants go by and decide if they are lovely enough (it's a fickle personal judgement on your part) to score a BINGO or not ... and therefore mingo! We played for a (shallow) hour or so, all three of us matched BINGO on more than one occasion and I figure that in Brighton if we'd wanted to take it any further the lads would have had more luck than me :o)
Unfortunately yesterday I had to come home.
Unfortunately I managed to clash my weekend with the London to Brighton bike ride.
Unfortunately just getting from Seaford to Newhaven to get back on the main road took an hour.
Fortunately my husband was very happy to see me :o)


Lisa said...

YAY! You've posted! Now that I've said that, best go back and read it lol

*reads post*

What a lovely time. Not to mention how hungry you just made me...I'm cutting out all sorts of foodstuff at the moment...took me awhile to force down tuna today, but it didn't taste half bad cos I was bloody hungry by then! lol

That fruit sounds rather nice, and I'm very curious to know what it's called now (like you). Hopefully someone else on here will now.

Lovely pics by the way...helped add a little warmth to my horribly cold evening. (Love the spikes, you got a thing for cacti? lol)

Good to have you back :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for the visit my dear...Long Time since we have been a-visiting! YOur little trip sounds like it was much fun, except for the return trip! That sounded pretty ghastly! (LOL),
Have a wonderful week!

mar said...

Fortunately you even found time to blog!!!
have a lovely day :)

Andy said...

Bingo/Mingo sounds like great fun :-)

Fi said...

I was wondering what happened to you! No Jo posts? What!

I love Brighton, had many lovely weekends there with just the one man ;)

That Bingo/Mingo game sounds like a lot of fun. Shallow, but a lot of fun.

craziequeen said...

Sounds like an excellent time with the lads.......

June is dragging terribly - I wonder if it's the atrocious weather.....or just the time of the year......?


Memphis Steve said...

Home is where they're always glad to see you. That's what makes a home such a great place to be.

Fizzy said...

are those fruit called medlers? I had a quick google but am not sure.
(or if that is the correct spelling)MIL tasted them in Algeria and brought seeds home, now there is a tree growing in thier garden

OOOO BTW remember me? got a telling off from "you know who" for not being a round much.

I am glad that you had such a lovely time in Brighton.

will try and be a better blogger .... promise

Gattina said...

You make me homesick talking about Brighton ! I have been there quite often when my son still lived in London. I love this town, the pier, everything !