Sunday, June 24, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #229

I say ... and you think ... ?

Compulsion :: necessary
Spiritual :: thoughts
Spray :: sea
Compatibility :: matched
Pursuit :: chase
Fake :: boobs
Mobile :: phone
Ceremony :: wedding
Ribbons :: Maypole
Mozart :: Austria


Lisa said...

Compulsion: have to do it
Spiritual: aura
Spray: deordorant
Compatibility: Fit together
Pursuit: run down
Fake: False
Mobile: needs an upgrade
Ceremony: baptism
Ribbons: breast cancer awareness
Mozart: classic

I know, kinda odd answers, must be the time of the day and the cold freezing my brain! Good to see you back.

Andy said...

Compulsion :: Forced
Spiritual :: Person
Spray :: Tan
Compatibility :: Test
Pursuit :: Car
Fake :: Watch
Mobile :: Phone
Ceremony :: Pomp
Ribbons :: Pasta
Mozart :: Rock Me!

Michael Manning said...

Compulsion: Duty
Spritual: The Sky
Spray: Deodorant
Pursuit: Eternal
Fake: Paris Hilton
Mobile: Mine
Ceremony: A Wedding
Ribbons: Breast Cancer Awareness
Mozart: Piano Sonatas

Rainypete said...

Compulsion: oral
Spiritual: person
Spray: tan
Compatibility: is overrated
Pursuit: hot
Fake: eyelashes
Mobile: portable
Ceremony: Pomp
Ribbons: and lace
Mozart: Soothing