Sunday, August 05, 2007


Well, I've dragged myself in from the poolside to escape the intolerable heat (40 degrees + in the shade) and I have hijacked a friends Broadband connection to say hello to you all. France is as always beautiful but frankly too damn ho t for me today. Anyone got a holiday home in cool southern New Zealand I can borrow for a couple of days? Hope you are all well and remember ... there's always the Question of the Day to answer!


recoveryroad said...

Ah. T'is a hard life, Teach, eh? Lol.

Hope you're having a good time.


Fi said...

40 degrees? Um, no thanks!!!

I can do a swap of 15 degrees but I'm looking for 28-30 degrees in return before I'll do the deal :)

mar said...

We are down to 21ºC today, come on over for some pata negra!!

Michael Manning said...

I still love Summer!!!

recoveryroad said...

School's Out! for summer!

Fizzy said...

IT is raining here:( and we are still getting ready to go oof on our hols.
Swap you for a bit of dullness?????? would you ?

rashbre said...

...dragged myself from the poolside...yeah go onto sounds really tough around your way :-)


Lisa said...

I come in here with the hope that you've managed to get away from your busy poolside lounger and let us know what you're up to.




Well someone has to try putting the pressure on ya know? lol