Sunday, August 26, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #238

I say ... and you think ... ?

Uneven :: Floor in the potting shed
Wonder :: Awe
Spider :: **starts screaming**
Emma :: Jane Austen's matchmaker
Swing:: Park
Orbit :: Planet
Flirt :: Fun
Donation :: Charity
Veil :: Covered
Atmosphere ::


Fizzy said...

Uneven :: bread
Wonder :: woman
Spider :: pig
Emma :: flute (there was a girl when I was little who played the flute in the school orchestra!!! - what can I say, the first thing that came to mind)
Swing:: out sisters
Orbit :: chewing gum
Flirt :: daughter!!!
Donation :: clothes
Veil :: covered
Atmosphere :: heavy

Have a good day, you can comeand do my garden too if you like *hint hint *

rashbre said...

I've noticed that the spiders are poised for early encroachment this year.

recoveryroad said...

I'm on a stream-of-consciousness rap about Emma on the uneven potting shed floor...I'll get the spider in there somewhere, too.

Swing Out Sister. Goodness.

Lisa said...

Uneven: not level
wonder: ponder
spider: plant (pig, Fizzy? huh? lol)
Emma: Thompson
Swing: Low Sweet Chariot
Orbit: Space Cowboys
Flirt: fancy
Donation: Salvation Army
Veil: of darkness
Atmosphere: live rugby game lol


We have a few uneven floorboards, too. I never thought of that one.