Monday, February 25, 2008

Aaah ... Bisto!

I went out for a "light lunch" at 11am yesterday ... and swanned back in at 5.30 - ah the joys of quality time with friends, not being the nominated driver and pork crackling. Needless to say I then didn't really feel like cooking a Sunday dinner for Simon who instead had corned beef sandwiches and is STILL grumping about it. What's wrong with corned beef sandwiches I ask? There was onion relish in them - what more does he want?

I know that Terry Wogan says that "he sounds like a sure-in for the Israeli Eurovision Song Contest entry" but I love David Jordan.

The quote competition is going well ... a few more to go - I'll add some clues if you like.

I caught big chunks of the Oscars - Helen Mirren's frock was beyond fabulous. Amy Adams sang the cleaning song from Enchanted - brill even if it didn't win. But I was more than mildly disappointed that Daniel Day-Lewis won over gorgeous George ... I find his (DDL's) in role zeal too much. Where as the lovely Mr Clooney could never be too much not even if you added ice-cream.

Right work calls - and hey, let's be careful out there.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

George Clooney with icecream and hot chocolate sauce... ooh er... yes, pleeeeeeese!

andy said...

Speaking of Eurovision, did you see that Irelands entry will be a singing Turkey puppet called Dustin?

Crazy guys!

Fi said...

George? What about Viggo!

I was most disappointed!

And do agree re DDL's OTT performances.

Sounds like the perfect lunch to me. I do miss my long girly lunches...

Fizzy said...

OOOOOOOO yes with Vanilla's comment. Me first!

What is wrong with corned beef?
Geeeee mine would not have got onion relish.... maybe salad cream though.