Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yet again more notes to self

Did I say that being off on holiday would make me a better blogger? Did I? NOTE TO SELF ... Don't make comments like that - it's all lies! And you will be found out especially by pesky duck lovers!

The class teddies are not being looked after by the three year olds like they would be by you. NOTE TO SELF ... do this more often.
Monty and Sherbert share a bath
Having done the pre-trip visit, the class visit to the zoo will be fine. NOTE TO SELF ... Don't laugh at bonking, pooh-smelling gorillas or the elephant willies - the children (and their parents) will catch you out!!
Don't laugh at the elephant's willie!!


andy said...

poor lil puppy, how could you? just dont let the kids see this picture!

Lisa said...

So the gorillas smelled of pooh and they were still bonking anyway? do they not have a sense of smell? or perhaps that's part of the attraction.

sorry, bit fixated on the bonking, smelly part of your post, although I must admit it was the dog in the drier that initially caught my eye lol