Saturday, May 17, 2008

**singing** I want candy!

I am struggling to find a photo for this week's PhotoHunt theme CANDY - I might have to go to Tesco (during the football this afternoon ... when it's bound to be empty) and snap a couple of shots of the sweet aisle. I'm just worried that they'll chuck me out if I do ... I might try it with my camera phone BUT - looks longingly around for someone who'll answer this question - how will I then transfer it to my PC??

Until then, you could always go over and answer today's Question of the Day ... no Lisa *wink* you don't have to answer everyone's/all of them.


rashbre said...

Surely you've got some emergency polo mints or a half packet of throat lozenges somewhere? You know. with the end of the packet slightly frayed looking. Usually in a kitchen drawer or similar. Tip 'em into a bowl and hey presto a candy picture!

Ms Mac said...

I dreamed about you last night! It was very strange but nice at the same time. And not at all inappropriate!

Does your phone and pc have bluetooth? That's how I always xfer my photos over. Or, by cable.

Mar said...

I was happy I saw that candy stall a week ago!! and that I had my camera with me :)