Monday, May 05, 2008

The unfairness of life

I have a wonderful friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

I knew her as an acquaintance for maybe 5 or 6 years years but she has truly become a friend since she started working at the school in September 2006.

I have found out that life hadn't always treated her well - she lost her parents when she was fairly young, she had an unfullfilling marriage and a long term relationship that simply didn't meet her needs.

And then recently she met someone.

Someone who makes her smile and laugh.
Who fulfills her completely - or so it appears to me.
Someone who she can really be herself with.

So, four or so weeks ago she had to have a hysteria-rectomy which she bounced back from full of vigour, love and all things good.
And then a week last Monday, the surgeon called her back told her the BAD NEWS ... they'll have to operate on June 9th and follow that up with chemo and she sent her off to see a consultant - who apparently looks like George "hubba hubba" Clooney - and the good thing is he says the prognosis looks good BUT isn't life fucking unfair BECAUSE at this time when everything should be good for the two of them, they've got this shit to put up with. And whilst I will do all I can to be there for either of them at any/ all of the time the bottom line is I just don't want to loose a friend who I'm only just coming* to truly appreciate. I'm not ready to do that and I don't want to.
Life is so fucking unfair.
*well when you look at the 18 months I've really known her against my 30 odd years of other friendships

p.s. Mandy and Kate ... if you are reading this, "welcome" I have admitted where my blog is and you have come and perused the (odd and often dodgy) ramblings of my mind. I need you to know that I wrote this whilst I was feeling really shit about when this all happened and needed to purge. Having spent this very afternoon with your glowing self I now know more of the fighter that you are and realise I can only loose YOU if I make you count to 10,000 and hide - really well. "Love you D.O.D.!!"


Ms Mac said...

Life's such a bitch sometimes. I'll be thinking of you and your new friend. All the very best!

M said...

So sorry to hear about this.
Hope everything goes well with your friend!!

Mar said...

(that was me before, oops...)

So sorry to hear about this.
Hope everything goes well with your friend!!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to read this about your lady friend. I think it's one of the nasties about life...why does it finally get it's shit together and give so much, and then seemingly take it away? Sucks big time.

I guess the positive is that she has this lovely person to make her laugh and smile. Someone who is filling her heart with joy and making her sun shine brighter, and she is now aware what it really feels like.

Thinking of you and your friend during this time and wishing for only the very best outcome *hugs*

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Oh I'm so sorry, Jo, what awful news. Sending love and strength to both you and your friend. And you know what, everyone effected by this will come out of this that much stronger and wiser. Life seems unfair, but everything teaches us something - and that's how we grow. Yeah, I know, would that the lessons weren't so bloody hard.

Fi said...

Jeez life throws things at you sometimes doesn't it? So sorry to hear this Jo - hope your friend gets through this...

andy said...

Life can be a bitch, can't it?

The prognosis looks good, there is some small comfort to take from this new.

I'm thinking of your friend and all that love her.