Monday, August 04, 2008

So ...

I vaguely remember muttering about "having BroadBand in France" meaning a regular posting schedule during the long summer holidays ... but then I said I'd NaBloPoMo during July too - are we getting the idea that sticking to something doesn't always go my way?? Are we?

So, the holiday so far, a little catchie-upie-post ... that's like keepi-upie without the football!

First there was the village fete - as rhum/red wine soaked as usual and of course there's always an accordionist / combo. If asked to recount the evening I would admit to singing "Those were the days my friend" between my starter (salade de gesiers) and main course (saucisse & aligot) whilst waving my napkin in the air ... wait, no, my mother nicked my napkin so that must have been her.

A French fete's not a fete without a trumpet and an accordion
Mum and Dad at the fete
The next morning Simon and I were heading for the Gers region where friends of ours had rented a gite near Lupiac. Needless to say after 4 glasses of rough rhum punch and **counts on fingers and toes** a considerable amount of red wine* at the fete we didn't leave at 8am as we'd said we would and we eventually arrived with Paul and Sue at 2pm. But as we drove through the gates of Lou Courdet the sight ahead of us made the journey worthwhile.
Paul and Sue's gite near Lupiac
More later honest. More photos on Flickr if all else fails!!
* Well the 4 courses, the punch and the wine were included in the €18 and therefore I didn't feel I shouldn't let the side down.


Leilani said...

well OF COURSE!!! :-). Never waste a good drink esp when already paid for!

Fizzy said...

a woman after my own heart!

Leilani said...

STILL on hols?! Drink up!!!