Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes, you guessed it ...

I am still in France!

I have a garden full of caravanning cousins
After a visit to Chateau des Millandes I wish I looked like the gorgeous Josephine Baker.
And in a flurry of excitement and large drum rolls this week Facebook found my teenage penpal - thankyou thankyou thankyou!
Back sometime soon.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Humph. No fair.

I'm still in Florida...but I would certainly LOVE to be in France right now...;)

Tammi said...

You are sooo lucky!
My sister lives in Europe.Grafenwhor(sp)Germany to be exact,and is BEGGING me to get my passport and get over there so she could show me France and Paris,Switzerland,Holland,etc...and hearing about YOu being there too just makes me SO eager to go!
Your still in my faves even tho you are "ohhh soooo far awaaayyy"!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm with Stacy - not fair!
Mind you, I don't suppose I should complain, should I?! :-)
So cool that you found your penpal via FB!!!

recoveryroad said...

Postcards! Sticks of rock! Have you done your homework?!

Enjoy. :)

craziequeen said...

I'm still in miserable grey England - although it has warmed up a little bit lately.

I'm on Facebook and am dreading being found by old school 'friends', as I just have bad memories.
But well done on the refinding of your penpal :-)