Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Fodder #17

This weeks question comes fromRaJ, over at Radioactive Jam.
What are some of the more bizarre bits of spam you have received, whether through emails or comments?

SPAM! Bloody knacking SPAM! The only kind of SPAM I want is that stuff I used to eat in SPAM fritters from the Roma Fish Bar in Gorseinon in the 1980s and I'm not even sure I want to eat that now ... as I remember I used to get free pickled gherkins on the side because Paulo Romanello** had a crush on me *shudder* memories eh!

Anyway SPAM - I have to say that my Gmail* account is fantastic ... not much gets through the filters on that little sucker but my Blueyonder account - part of the Virgin Media group is crap. I get more offers of prescription meds, viagra and penis extenders (hello?? wouldn't I need a penis first?) than you could shake a stick at. Poor put-upon Ugandans have asked me to help them get their family money out of the country and Latvians have begged me to give their sister a place to stay when she comes "to UK to make money for youngest sister's education". Rolex watches, university degrees in only 2 weeks, weight loss from Brazil with BugreLife™ - the list is endless. And all pretty damn bizzare :o)

* I still have invites if you'd like an account.
** He used to come and watch the synchro team practice for hours *shudders again*


Fizzy said...

spammers = the lowest of the low!
I get all of those spams and yesterday I got one that offered a calorie free diet that would ensure weightloss within 2 weeks
Now...... no I won't go into the fact that you do not eat any calories you will loose pigging weight, or be dead!

Fizzy said...

urmmmmm I did not that mean that link to work like that! it is not linked to any spam or anything actually

looks pretty cool though

rashbre said...

My main accounts seem to be ok, but my ancient free hotmail seems to attract most forms of spam.

Fi said...

Yep, have to agree with you - GMail rocks!

I've given up with host provider emails and now all four of my Yahoo accounts are spammed out of their minds with 100s a day. Argh!

Time to convert totally to Gmail :)

Hermes said...

There's plenty of bits of software you can download to help with your spam - ISPs can't be too aggressive in what they block as one man's spam is another's useful info ...

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i have no idea what gmail is, i do have a spam filter on my e-mail that works pretty good, not much slips through and i usually don't even check my spam mailbox, it deletes itself after a month.
i don't really understand why the spam is even coming from?