Sunday, April 22, 2007

I say ... and you think ... ?

Found :: Midnight at the lost and found

Male :: Man
Spoken :: Words
Life :: Love
Tonight :: Sunday evening
Fingernail :: Manicure
True :: False
Give up :: Clue
Shining :: Sunshine
Everywhere :: Here, there and everywhere


Indigo said...

I like the new look! It's finally warm here, so I think it's safe to utter 'summer'.

Found: my watch! (I lost it yesterday, but it was in my pocket the whole time)
Spoken: silence
Life: live it
Tonight: Apprentice finale
Fingernail: pedicure
True: me
Give up: fight
shining: personality
everywhere: clutter

Fizzy said...

Found ::my brain?
Male ::stupidity
Spoken ::thoughts
Life ::style
Tonight ::tonight
Fingernail ::my daughter asked if I would buy her some "no more nails" to help her stop her nail biting habit... me thinks she meant "stop and grow"
True :: or false
Give up ::what! my vices?
Shining ::Star
Everywhere :: greenfly in my garden :(

Lisa said...

Found: under the bed (it's always under the bed you know)
Man: in the moon
Spoken: verbal
Life: after death (??)
Tonight: Monday evening
Fingernail: broken and lost amongst the apples *sigh*
True: No shit!
Give up: surrender
Shining: Stephen King (lol)
Everywhere: and anywhere.

mar said...

"Here,there..." is simply beautiful!
found: your great new look!

Fizzy said...

*shouting loudly from up 'ere* Hellllloooooooooooo

Andy said...

Found: Lost
Man: Woman
Spoken: Word
Life: Guard
Tonight: With Trevor McDonald
Fingernail: Black
True: Lies
Give up: Smoking
Shining: Star
Everywhere: and nowhere baby!

Atyllah said...

Found ::wisdom
Male ::misogynist
Spoken ::word
Life ::and Death
Tonight ::is forever
Fingernail ::french manicure
True :: subjectivity
Give up ::never
Shining ::light
Everywhere :: the infinite void

tammi said...

Found:lost keys
Life:sucks today-but not always
Tonight:gotta date w/ a new aquaintance
Fingernail:need manicure..baaaaaaaad
Give up:NEVER
Everwhere:my scattered thoughts