Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some sentences for from the teacher.

Ah well, holidays are over as school started yesterday :o(

My promotion was announced to all and sundry so I don't need to keep a lid on that one anymore - that's a relief.

Yesterday was a SDD - Staff Development Day.

We had a phonics session in the morning and then I ran a workshop on *yawn* Assessment of ICT in the afternoon ... people just about stayed awake!

I had a headache by 10.30am.

I was asleep last night at 7pm. I missed Nick Knowles! So I figure I deserve a photo for some drooling.

I probably get more sleep than the children I teach ;o)


recoveryroad said...

Congrats on the promotion. :-)

Fizzy said...

Back to school blueghhhhhhhhhh
yuk yuk yukity yuk yuk
I had forgotten that time of the morning exisited!

got any phonics handouts? was it CLL phonics?

I was thinking about you yesterday with your new job.

Fi said...

What was that show he used to be in? A team came in and transformed a room and made it actually look halfway decent as opposed to the nightmares Changing Rooms used to come up with?

Hope you got some decent zzzz's!