Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A bit of a prattle

It'll be June soon and maybe it's the re-turn of warmth and sunny weather but I'm feeling a tad perkier! You ok too?

Saturday was Simon's mini-birthday party - that party which was to have been a huge celebration of friendliness that became instead a smaller yet still lovely celebration of family and friends who are close enough that they are really family-ness. We BBQ'd some pork, laughed and drank lots of beer - well they did. I drank lots of coke with the odd slosh of brandy and therefore was much soberer than people thought I was ;o)

School this week has been really hard (it's only Wednesday morning!) Yesterday I had to tell the current Foundation Stage Leader that actually she is out of a job for September ... and will be moving into another year group and she cried. And it made me feel like shit! But then I suppose with maturity the new job and the bigger pay packet, comes increased reponsibilities and more "feeling like shit-ness!" Hopefully today will be a better day - a sit under a tree and read a strory day, a build the tallest tower you can with LEgo day - that'd be a Jo kind of day.

Busy washing and ironing clothees last night as we're off to France on Saturday morning for a week of sun, sand and pintxos in St Jean-de-Luz - can't wait guys! Of course I shall have to lug the trusty lap-top with me so that I can get on with my school reports that have to be in by June 24th ... 52 of them to write this year which feels horrendous, but that is because I am right at the beginning of them. Right - here I go, have a good day.


recoveryroad said...

Cool re party.

"Responsibility". Lol - I need a grown-up to help me with that one.

Andy said...

If you want, I'll let you in on my secret when writing up performance reviews. Copy & Paste :-) After all they all do the same job, just adjust up/down for individual performance.

I'm sure this can work with kids too, I remember me and my classmates comparing our report cards. Though back then, it was alway the PE teacher that wrote the same thing for everyone!

Scribbit said...

Lucky you for France!

And June is the best month here, May and June. Love them.

Fizzy said...

Happy belated birthday Simon. I hope that you have a lovely week away -even with the reports :(

52 is horrendous... I won't tell you that I wrote my 12 this afternoon...... oooops

rashbre said...

Enjoy the break. I decided to have a computer free few days in Cornwall. Just resurfacing and hacking through too many emails.