Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lax ... in fact lax beyond belief!

Well, what a difference a May makes ... I obviously don't like posting in May because I haven't been able to manage more than 1 post - pathetic! I'm going to blame it on the pressure of work, my 2nd wedding anniversary and the fact that it's still bloody raining - what happened to that nice weather we were having around Easter? I got sunburnt one day and now I'm just getting foot rot from the sog :o(

Life has been very busy actually ... started new job, leadership coaching, interviewed to employee new teachers, new job made permanaent, teaching, wedding anniversary, Simon's birthday this weekend coming, school reports to write, won in poker last night etc etc etc.
Hopefully I shall post a little more before the end of the month ... and if I don't, see you in June.


Kwizgiver said...

Sounds like an exciting time right now--lots of transitions!

I enjoy your posts at QoTD (now That's My Answer!) and it was nice to officially post a hello to you!

Atyllah said...

It seems you are not alone, pretty much everyone's blog is looking quiet. Some of us are even flying the coop.