Friday, May 18, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #220 aka better late than never

I say ... and you think ... ?

Tumor :: Cancer
Bunch :: Grapes
Gratitude :: Thanks
Feel alive :: Ah ah ah ah ... I know it says Feel alive but Staying alive just popped right into my head as soon as I said Feel alive.
Connect :: Internet
Temptation :: Heaven 17 - what a blast from that past of mine.

Brighten :: Lighten
Jewelry :: Diamonds
Tough :: Tonka toys - I remember the TV ad from the 70s where they made an elephant stand on the back of one of the trucks, ok it was a baby elephant, but hey it was an elephant!
Harmless :: Fun


Ms Mac said...

Well, hello! You're back!

Have you seen the YouTube of Beth Ditto and Jarvis Cocker murdering Temptation at some music awards thing? It's was truly horrible.

Andy said...

Tumor :: Growth
Bunch :: Hair Bear
Gratitude :: Thanks
Feel alive :: Pulse
Connect :: 4
Temptation :: 80% Cocoa
Brighten :: Acdo
Jewelry :: Sparkle
Tough :: Enuff

Wulfweard said...

Listened to the Heaven 17 Album 'How Men Are' the other day love Martyn Ware's vocals. Still sounds great

Fi said...

There you are.

Good old Heaven 17, when prerequisite for a hit record was a) having a big gelled up quiff and b) swaying from one foot to the other behind a Yamaha keyboard.

Them's the days...

Michael Manning said...

Just dropping by to say hello!

Fizzy said...

Not bben posting that much either! must be either the Month of May or the dam rain...... however for those of you still on hose pipe bans I am sure that it has all been welcome. BTW shall I mention that I had to water the garden today?
no better not.

WOW the hair bear bunch... that takes me back few years.

Kwizgiver said...

Ahh, not only are you back but you've got great mutterings! Loved the song, I had forgotten it. I miss music videos. Now they're mostly booty-shaking performances. bring back the Lords of the Mullet!