Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My phantom mouse finger!

I had no Internet access this morning. It was hellish. In fact if anyone asks again what my definition of hell is I shall say "awake at 4.30am with no Internet access. Unable to move in Scrabulous. Not even You tube to laugh at!"

And yet through it all my mouse finger kept moving. Like when someone looses a leg but their toes itch!


Mar said...

A nightmare.
I am having problems with my connection during the day and it truly s*cks. There is no other word to describe it, sorry about that :)

fatboyfat said...

Ah. You'll be a VirginMedia customer too, then...

Le laquet said...

Mar - it's horrible and I already KNOW I have 2 weeks of Internet-less rural France ahead of me. That should be enough for any poor soul!

Aha FatBoyFat, so it was't just me then. Should have known it was "that dick Branson's fault" all along really!

Fizzy said...

Fatboyfat beat me to it. we had the same problem the night before.
I thought the sky had fallen in when you had not played a move.

Fi Kiwifruit said...

Um, hell on earth is being awake at 4.30am. Full stop!

But being internetless sucks too.

Hey, but yay that it's no more skool! Off to lovely France you go my dear!F