Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Even MORE further notes to self

If you ask Margaret for a lift to work again then she will talk all the way there. Whilst Simon will have the car and be able to go to the tip, she will give you bucket-loads of detail about people that a) you don't know b) you don't ever want to know. She will give you names, dates of births, favourite food-stuffs and National Insurance numbers and expect you to remember them. You WILL end up with the mother of all headaches by lunchtime. NOTE TO SELF ... Carry extra-strength Panadol/Syndol when you have a lift with Margaret.

Jack will scream today, he screamed (and hit) yesterday, he screamed last Thursday and last Friday. He will scream today. 4 more newbies start today. At least one more of them will try the screaming / quiet sobbing / combo-of-both lark. NOTE TO SELF ... forget buying painkillers when having a lift with Margaret, go to Tesco for extra-strength Panadol/Syndol today!
You would like to go to Paris for the day during half term. Virginie is expecting you! Fairly soon the Eurostar will be fully booked. The day you want is ALREADY low-availability. NOTE TO SELF ... book a god-damn ticket Joanne!!
Simon is not going to be happy about Paris for the day. Even though it's a purely girly day of chat and gossip, mostly in FRENCH - which he doesn't speak and there'll be children involved - which he most definetly doesn't do, he will feel that he is missing out. He is missing out, on a day in Paris. You can't lie about it. You are going to have to think hard about how you explain this to him! NOTE TO SELF ... think quick!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Look, here's a solution, just go and buy yourself a bottle of scotch (or gin, or vodka...), find a quiet corner and just drink the lot. Decision making will take on a whole new hue, as will all problems...

PBS said...

I was getting a headache just reading about Margaret's conversation!

Can Simon take a guy friend to Paris so he has someone to hang out with? No, probably easier and more merciful to just tell him that it's a girly day so why would he want to come!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by for a visit today and leaving a sweet comment. To answer your question, graham crackers ARE sweet...brown sugary crackers made from graham wheat.

Hope your Tuesday treated you well.