Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A not very Welsh Weekend

So ... it didn't rain - how un-Welsh was that?? It was cool, yet crisp, sunny and gorgeous. Showed me anyway ;o)

On Friday I drove to Hounslow, picked up an old friend Bethan - we've known each other since the first day of senior school in 1981 - and off we went. Her parents live just up the road from home ... I dropped her off and then went to Andrew's. It was a weekend of shocks and treats ~ nephew #2 has grown enormously ... he's 14 (15 in November) and can now, when standing next to me, rest his crooked elbow on top of my head - yes he took advantage of that fact more than once.
Saturday started early ... no hangover which was amazing considering that I had an 8 yr old sommelier topping up my glass every whip-stitch - we (nephews #4 and #5 and me) were at the park by 9am - swings, slides, walk around the football pitch, more swings, more slides, home for 10.30 - I was already tired! Saturday afternoon was spent visiting old friends - from school days - and family before sitting down for an Indian with the family.
Sunday dawned bright and early and we watched nephew #3 play rugby for his village side before the long drive back up the motorway - tired, yes. Happy - that too! I just wish the M4 wasn't so bloody long ... anyone know where I can buy a tardis?

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